About us

Why Us

Realeez was founded as an independent consulting firm for clients to gain competitive edge by securing and managing their IT infrastructure and IT Operational excellence.At Realeez, we believe that, the success of any IT and IT Security solution is not just based on the technical aspects and advantages of that solution, but success is built on the core foundations of industry based standards, processes and people. The systems should have the capability to handle the changes required proactively and also should be able to roll-out any change required as per the market conditions. With over, 20 years of rich experience in Information Technology and Information Security Management, Realeez provides you with access to in-depth expertise, experience, commitment and technical know-how; backed by reliable quality processes, well experienced advisors and thus ensuring optimal deliverables. commitment to deliver (Experienced advisors commitment to deliver reliable process, ensures optimal deliverables). Realeez provides their clients with quality solutions at cost effective rates to meet the requirements and sustainability. As an independent consulting firm, we provide our clients with unbiased advice on how to successfully implement and manage Information Systems security and technology solutions to compliment their business requirements.