In today's constantly changing technology environment, there is a necessity for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to direct information security programs is vital due to many factors including the level of security breaches occurring across globe at various levels, compliance, regulatory, and business practices. Apart from the large business corporates, small businesses are also becoming a favorite launch pad for the cybercriminals looking to wreak havoc.

The government has tightened with various process and policy roll-out requirements, enhancing the security standard for various industries depending upon the business functionality. Information Security is most often viewed as a cost bearing infrastructure.Information security falls by the wayside as the tight budgets always go with preference to the revenue generating business projects. Reality check reveals that substantial business can be achieved with a reliable information security system.

Realeez offers supporting services for the companies with industry standard professional to exercise the role of CISO at a nominal/marked down cost than a full time hire for the same role. Our CISO-On-Demand product provides the client company, the security resources which are needed to be competitive inthe forum as a leader, thus ensuring business security throughout.

Realeez provides the following vital solutions:
  • Creation and maintenance of information security policies and critical controls.
  • Creation and maintenance of comprehensive incident management process.
  • Performing internal and external vulnerability assessments of the data networks to evaluate the vulnerability management program.
  • The design, implementation, and performance of penetration tests as required by compliance issuing organizations.
  • Guidance to address information security requirements driven by regulatory and compliance objectives.
  • Provide recommendations for risk management practices and provide strategies to help mitigate risk.
  • Assisting insetting priorities for security initiatives and budgeting, based on appropriate business justification principles.
  • Need based assessment and participation in the recommendation, evaluation and selection of security products and technologies.
  • Alignment of business objectives and augmentation of services along with the professionals that maintain your enterprise, including network connectivity, servers, clients, networked devices, wireless access, IP based telephony, anti-virus, and firewalls.
  • Acting as a liaison/advisor to other internal departments on security and compliance matters.
  • Representation during information security risk audits to help identify strengths and threats to information security assets.
  • Security incident remediation execution with continuous monitoring and review.
  • Executing an Employee Security awareness training program for your organization.